ASEAN+8 working group on military medicine described as a key milestone

Philippine seeks ASEAN backing for joint development of disputed South China Sea areas

Indonesia and Malaysia propose their national language(s) as ASEAN's official

Countries pledge ASEAN flag raising ceremonies by next ASEAN Day, 8 August 2011

ASEAN encouraged to target global Halal food market of rising Muslim middle-class

ASEAN Navy chiefs comment on South China Sea territory disputes

South East Asia expected to overcome problems to lift sea food exports to the USA beyond 31%

Regulatory Reform Dialogue's first meeting to support ASEAN economic integration

ASEAN to implement regional patent search and examination

AirAsia ASEAN office in Jakarta to represent group's regional airlines

ASEAN Supreme Audit Institution to be established in 2011

Indonesian bank wants regional 'level playing field' before ASEAN 2015

ASEAN is top Asian destination for USA investment; two-way trade hits $178 billion

India-ASEAN two-way trade "can easily touch $70 billion by 2012"

China 'guarantees' navigation in South China Sea as Philippines berates 'baseless claim'

US companies grade how ASEAN members are meeting regional integration goals

ASEAN parliamentarians call for AICHR action on alleged atrocities in Myanmar

Russia supports ASEAN integration as trade increases to $12.5 billion

ASEAN Foreign Ministers emphasise enhanced cooperation

ASEAN-China sign agreement to peacefully process South China Sea disputes

AirAsia moves HQ to Jakarta in recognition of ASEAN 2015's business potential

Seven professions approved for cross-border work in ASEAN Community 2015

ASEAN 2015 not to follow EU but to create South East Asian synergies

Stakeholders continue working towards ASEAN economic integration by 2015

Indonesian President calls for "long overdue guidelines" for South China Sea

European Union - ASEAN trade tops €175 billion and expanding

Secretary-General: Implementation of the ASEAN Community "has to be faster"

ASEAN now Taiwan's second-largest export market

Trade between China and ASEAN grew by 25% in the first half 2011

ASEAN regulators and business review agriculture sector for food security solutions

Foreign Ministers meet in Bali for ASEAN issues and November's East Asia Summit

Indonesia to host ASEAN meeting on illegal fishing by end of year

ASEAN forestry initiatives to include herbal database and expansion of REDD scheme

ASEAN meets to reform structures for environmental co-operation

Credit Suisse highlights ASEAN's growth and valuation stories

Indian-ASEAN bilateral trade projected to reach $50 billion in 2011

China is ASEAN's biggest trading partner with bilateral trade of $292 billion in 2010

ASEAN-Russian trade increases by 60% to top $10 billion

ASEAN Infrastructure Fund to launch with $485.2 million

ASEAN's first military exercise co-hosted by Singapore and Indonesia

Nominations invited for the 2011 ASEAN Business Awards

Philippines' Cebu City honoured as first "ASEAN City of Culture"

Gulf and ASEAN "exploring the possibility of negotiation" for FTA

Second Philippines team joins the ASEAN Basketball League

Explaining differences between Western and ASEAN styles of conducting business

ASEAN internet surveys: Singapore has greatest penetration but Indonesians the most mobile

Building financial integration for the ASEAN Economic Community of 2015

ASEAN agrees to ease customs procedures and coordinate standards

"Dynamic IT growth should be expected" in ASEAN

ODI: Five ASEAN countries are leading examples of development progress

ASEAN hub may be "mired in total traffic gridlock by 2014"

ASEAN urban inhabitants "prefer bottled water" for convinience, safety and health