ASEAN urban inhabitants "prefer bottled water" for convinience, safety and health

According to a new Frost & Sullivan report on residential water treatment, South East Asia's urban inhabitants are "well aware of the extent of contamination in drinking water supplies" and are purchasing more bottled water "in spite of its excessively high price compared to tap water". The source of the contamination is more likely the plumbing system rather than the mnicipal pre-treatment plants where care is taken to remove most contaminants.

Manufacturers of Residential Water Treatment Equipment have worked hard to educate consumers about the usefulness of their technology and products in removing contaminants, however the high price of the eqioipment is restraining uptake. Apart from this, the market is facing stiff competition with the upsurge in sales of bottled water.

"Most people in the South East Asian region prefer bottled water, as it is convenient, safe, and has health benefits," the report states. "According to a 2006 survey done by the Earth Policy Institute, the global consumption of bottled water reached 154 billion liters, with South East Asia showing a 12% increase in consumption over 2004, in spite of its excessively high price compared to tap water".