AirAsia ASEAN office in Jakarta to represent group's regional airlines

Malaysian-listed AirAsia Bhd will not be moving its headquarters to Jakarta, hub city of the Association of South East Asian Nations, the company announced. Rather, a new entity, AirAsia ASEAN, will be established there to represent the group's affiliated airlines in South East Asia that share the AirAsia brand.

“The office in Jakarta is to be called AirAsia ASEAN, an entity set up under the aegis of AirAsia. The main goal of AirAsia Asean is to broaden our branding as a “Truly Asean” airline and extend our outreach to various groups in the region in regards to aviation policies within ASEAN," the company stated.

“Indonesia's growth trajectory is set to increase its share of ASEAN's GDP in the years to come, and AirAsia is but merely moving ahead of the curve in locating AirAsia Asean in Jakarta to help increase our visibility and profile in the region's most-populated nation. This is particularly relevant at this time with AirAsia Indonesia heading for a listing on the Indonesian stock exchange," it stated.