ASEAN internet surveys: Singapore has greatest penetration but Indonesians the most mobile

Singapore has the highest level of Internet penetration in South East Asia and its consumers access the internet more frequently than consumers in that region, states a new report.

According to Nielsen, about 67% of Singaporeans aged 15+ now use the internet and, of those, 80% are accessing the Internet on a daily basis. Social media sites are accessed by 85% of all Singaporeans - which 69% use to connect or engage with brands and companies.

Survey findings also showed that 23% of digital consumers in Singapore now have a tablet computer in the household, 85% own an Internet-capable mobile phone and over 70% use a smartphone.

A separate Neilsen report reveals that Indonesian consumers are becoming more attached to mobile internet compared to other South East Asian country with 48% of Indonesian users accessing the Web through cellphones, compared to 36% in Thailand, 35% in Singapore and 29% in Vietnam.

The trend is expected to grow, with 53% of Indonesian respondents saying they would go online in the next 12 months through their mobile phones and 30% through other handheld gadgets such as tablet PCs.

The survey reflects heavy phone usage in Indonesia, with around 66% of citizens, or about 159 million people, using cellphones. However, overall,  only one in five Indonesians has internet access - less than the regional average of 38% - with internet cafes still the most common way to access the Web.