Credit Suisse highlights ASEAN's growth and valuation stories

Credit Suisse, an international financial services group, is promoting investment in ASEAN countries. At the company's recent London conference on ASEAN opportunities, its analysts outlined the case for investing in a group of Asian emerging markets that are not as well known as China or India, but which boast compelling growth and valuation stories.

They noted that ASEAN is home to around 600 million people, while its six biggest economies ¬ Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam ¬ should have a combined nominal Gross Domestic Product of around $2.14 trillion in 2011.

This is more than India ($2.06 trillion) or Russia ($1.79 trillion) and only a little way behind Brazil ($2.51 trillion). The total equity market capitalization of the six ASEAN countries was stated to be $1.93 trillion.