Five free reports on ASEAN Economic Community, SMEs, investment, commercial opportunities, workskills

ASEAN Strategic is pleased to present five recent and detailed reports providing useful insights into the ASEAN Economic Community for private sector businesses and investors. Their publishers have kindly made digital versions available free-of-charge for a period of time:

Survey on ASEAN Competitiveness 2013 (December 2013) published by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council reports that the majority of businesses surveyed perceive ASEAN economic integration “more of an opportunity rather than a threat”.  However, ASEAN-BAC strongly urges ASEAN to strengthen the process of information dissemination and consultation with businesses, particularly SMEs, on AEC initiatives. Download the report here.

ASEAN Business Outlook Survey 2014 (August 2013) published by the US Chamber of Commerce reports on the views and expectations of US companies in all ASEAN countries. As the South East Asian single market, AEC 2015, approaches, 79% of respondents reported that their company’s level of trade and investment in ASEAN has increased over the past two years, and an overwhelming 91% expect it to increase over the next five years. Download the report here.

Investing in ASEAN 2013/2014 (October 2013) published by Allurentis 
reports on ASEAN’s economic performance and its progress towards regional integration. It features sectoral articles on business,  finance, legal, energy, industry, manufacturing, infrastructure, aviation, IT, telecommunications, mining, agriculture, healthcare, education, real estate, sport and tourism, and profiles on each of the 10 member countries of ASEAN. Download the report here.

ASEAN Workforce Skills – Employer Survey 2013 (August 2013)  published by the Australian Trade Commission reports on ASEAN employers’ skill needs, current training arrangements and extent of engagement with local and international providers.  It outlines the sectors of focus in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, and some of the high level findings of the overall survey project.
Download the report here.

SME Guidebook Towards the AEC 2015 (November 2013) published by the ASEAN Secretariat
to enhance greater awareness of small and medium enterprises to a wide range of financial facilities, financial and non-financial institutions available to them in all ten ASEAN member states as well as the market opportunities in ASEAN and beyond. It also details trade promotion centres and self-certification issuing authorities.

Download the report here..