Multiple platforms to access ASEAN information and comment

ASEAN Strategic is pleased to report that adoption of social media platforms has enhanced its distribution of relevant information and comment on the Association of South East Asian Nations and the forthcoming ASEAN Community 2015.

The following free-of-charge services are now available:

The ASEAN Strategic Daily is a daily, curated, digital, online news service featuring links to fresh articles on ASEAN.  View and Subscribe here.

The @aseanstrategic Twitter service provides breaking news, monitoring of important Twitter feeds, linking to long-form stories on websites, and interacting with the public. View and Subscribe here.

The ASEAN Strategic Group on LinkedIn hosts discussions on the ASEAN Community 2015 for a senior community of government and business leaders.  View and Subscribe here.

The ASEAN Strategic on Facebook service provides new ASEAN Strategic announcements and articles directly to Facebook subscribers. View and Subscribe here.