Four free reports on ASEAN security, Economic Community, infrastructure and commercial opportunities

ASEAN Strategic is pleased to present four recent and detailed reports providing useful insights into the ASEAN Economic Community for private sector businesses and investors. Their publishers have kindly made digital versions available free-of-charge for a period of time:

ASEAN Security Outlook 2013 (October 2013). Published by ASEAN Secretariat, this official
publication responds to the importance stressed at the ASEAN Summit earlier this year of “promoting greater transparency, confidence and understanding of regional defence policies and security perceptions among ASEAN Member States and their regional partners”. In a first for the region, this compilation highlights the national contributions to promote peace, security and stability in the region. Download the report here.

Riding the ASEAN elephant: How business is responding to an unusual animal (February 2013). Published by the Economist Corporate Network, this Baker & McKenzie sponsored report identifies how multinational firms are thinking about ASEAN and how they view the potential for ASEAN integration; and explores what all this means for crafting corporate strategy in the region. It is based on a survey of 147 large multinationals operating in South-east Asia, asking them about their strategies in the region against a backdrop of deepening integration.  Download the report here.

ASEAN Commercial Opportunities Study (March 2013). Published by the
Canada-ASEAN Business Council,   this report considers ASEAN from a regional, rather than a country by country, perspective and presents an overview and introductory guide for Canadian (and other) SMEs that may be interested in learning more about ASEAN and the opportunities and challenges it offers. Download the report here.

Infrastructure Investor: ASEAN Intelligence Report (April 2013). Published by PEI Ltd for the ASEAN Secretariat, this report features ASEAN’s priorities in infrastructure development – to achieve the goal of a seamless regional connectivity” - and elicits insights from key stakeholders. Download the report here.