Thailand acknowledges Indonesia as 'Crucial Observer' in dispute

Thailand's Defence Minister Gen Yutthasak Sasiprapa has confirmed the importance of Indonesian observers in monitoring the demilitarisation of the Thailand-Cambodian disputed border area.

"The observers are crucial because someone has to be there to witness the developments of the demilitarisation and those observers will be good witnesses," he said as quoted by The Bangkok Post. "If any side breaks the rules, the observers will then be able to say who is at fault."

Thailand and Cambodia have to discuss details of the demilitarisation such as what types of security forces would replace the current military troops when both countries withdraw their forces, Gen Yutthasak said, adding it was likely there would be a troop adjustment, not a troop withdrawal.

Thailand's Second Army has prepared an area at the foot of Pha Mor I Dang cliff to station the Indonesian observers during their mission.