Mindanao expected to be food supplier to Bimp-Eaga region

The Philippines Ambassador to Brunei, Nestor Z Ochoa, told The Brunei Times of his delight at how active the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines - East ASEAN Growth Area had become.

The Bimp-Eaga comprises Brunei; Indonesia's provinces of Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, West Papua and Papua; Malaysia's states of Sabah, Sarawak, and Federal Territory of Labuan; and the island of Mindanao and the province of Palawan of the Philippines.

He added he expected Mindanao to be a key food supplier to the sub-region. "Mindanao has very fertile land, is typhoon free, and produces vegetables and fruits in abundance. Even in our country, Mindanao is the key supplier of food, and I believe Mindanao can also become an important source of food supply for Bimp-Eaga."