ASEAN University Network readies 2012 foundation ASEAN studies course

Undergraduate studies that focus on ASEAN in a comprehensive regional and global context, will soon become available at leading universities in South East Asia.

This week in Bangkok, representatives of the ASEAN University Network (AUN), and senior faculty from its member universities, met to review and finalise proposed modules to create a foundation ASEAN Studies Course.

Dr Nantana Gajaseni, Executive Director of the AUN explained that the network is "moving towards a broad ASEAN Studies Course that will introduce students across ASEAN to a deeper understanding of ASEAN as an institution and a process, and to the rich socio-cultural dynamics of South East Asia.”

The course has been in development since 2009, when the AUN and the East-West Center jointly sponsored a workshop to examine the state of ASEAN studies programs in higher education in the region and consider how existing programs could be expanded and coordinated.

It is expected the course will start to become available as soon as mid-2012.